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Co-Owner of Afters Ice Cream, Portside Fish Co, Matte Black Coffee, Banh Xeo Boys, Dough & Arrow, Trill Burgers, and Happy Hours Group.

With 30 locations in Southern California, Afters Ice Cream has been both an entrepreneurial and social media phenomenon with thousands of people turning up for their store openings/events. And that’s only one of the many restaurant concepts Andy and his team have started, to spice up the new dining and lifestyle scene! But Andy's journey to ice cream-filled donut success wasn't easy…

Like many entrepreneurs, Andy and school didn't get along so well, and he was quickly bored with his first "real" jobs.

After a dozen+ years of struggle including adventures in real estate, re-selling sneakers, and Coachella VIP vendor, Andy founded a worldwide clothing brand, several food ventures, and a consulting agency, too. He has even started his own non-profit, Passion Chasers, to help the next generation of dreamers find their own entrepreneurial spark.

Andy's story from the inside, including how he uses brand awareness and storytelling to appeal to future brand builders of their own. His influence and goals of helping improve the food scene and pumping new life into other cities. It's his unorthodox approach and insights into modern branding, marketing, and how to get your grind on; that has set him apart from the rest.

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